Preparation to Diploma Programme

Preparation to Diploma Programme

If you want to apply for Pre-DP programme at 9th (10th) grade, follow the instructions

visit the Gymnasium A+ website and review the Gymnasium Learner Profile before the application stage starts.
gather as much information as possible about the International Baccalaureate Programme and the International Baccalaureate Organization.
read Brochure
read leaflet
participate in Gymnasium A+ Tour Opportunities (in person)
(book online or via phone)
participate in Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme informational session held in
Gymnasium A+ (follow announcements on social media or leave your contact details for us to invite you to the session)
Stage I

Submission of application forms

1st wave | 01-28 February

2nd wave | 01-31 March

3rd wave | 01 May - 15 June

Fill out FORM 1
(immediately after the form 1 is filled in, the student will be assigned with an internal ID code).
Receive your personal Student ID number 
(to be used in all exam papers except motivational essays instead of Surname and Name)
Receive a link to a personal folder on Google drive where you will upload your documents
Submit all required documents
  • Student's Personal ID Documents (ID/birth certificate/passport)*- *.pdf
  • Student’s international travel passport (page with photo and name) - *.pdf
  • Latest school report card and exam certificates - *.pdf
  • Additional Diplomas; International certificates as an evidence of achievements etc.
  • Ukrainian Basic General Education certificate or corresponding document issued by a foreign institution, legalised by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science (only for the applicants to the 10th and further grades)
  • International Language certificates (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL) (optional, to obtain a waiver; see requirements for waiver below)
  • 1 Photo for documents (*.jpeg)
Ask two teachers to fill in the recommendations in FORM 2
Fill in Motivational FORM 3
Track submission process here

*Any ID issued by a foreign country requires a notarized translation, added to the uploaded documents.

Stage ІI

The Application Review Process

1st wave | 01-12 March

2nd wave | 01-12 April

3rd wave | 10 May -15 June

After analysing the information submitted in the application forms, the commission publishes a list of students recommended for the testing stage.
Meanwhile, the student has time to prepare for the next stage:
  • work on your English Language. Paper 2. Essay (find topics here)
  • choose examination dates
  • revise Mathematics topics before the test
NB! When the exams are scheduled, the exam fee should be paid by the applicant. The bills will be sent to the Student’s guardian email from the Form 1.
Stage IІІ

Exams and interview

1st wave | 13-25 March

2nd wave | 13-27 April

3rd wave | 01-26 June

Mathematics and sciences written exam (210 minutes) - see the list of topics
English language exam
  • Part 1: Reading and Use of English (60 minutes) (Test level B2/C1)
  • Part 2: written essay (45 minutes) see the list of topics
  • Part 3: oral interview, based on Form 3 (10-15 minutes)
Stage ІV


1st wave | 26-31 March

2nd wave | 28 April - 03 May

3rd wave | 10-30 June (five office days)

Teachers assess all the parts according to pre-developed assessment criteria.
A ranking of students' achievements will be compiled based on the results of all parts of the admission campaign 2022/2023. Information on the results will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided during submission of the Form 1.
The maximum number of points for each type of work is given in Summative assessment.
Student confirmation

1st wave | 1-10 April

2nd wave, | 4-15 May

Ten days after the announcement of school decision, no later than June 30

After receiving the confirmation from the Admissions committee, students must confirm their intentions by paying the enrolment fee* no later than 10 days after receiving notification and recommendations about the positive enrolment decision from the Admissions committee

NB! Students who do not communicate their intention until the deadline, will automatically be denied participation in the Programme admission.

*See all annual fees


Use the e-mail address exclusively for the needs of the Admissions queries.
For general questions and additional information about Programme specification, please, send your queries to

General Expectations (Entrance Criteria)

Applicants need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • be fully committed to their studies, and preparation for Cambridge IGCSE Checkpoint at 10 Grade
  • utilise non-contact time productively
  • become independent learners
  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • embrace all opportunities presented to them
  • undertake community service, especially within the school/city/region/state etc. 
  • act as positive role models for the rest of the school
  • be approachable and available to support and assist younger students
  • have high level of attendance during the academic year 
  •  have critical thinking and possibility for analysis, making conclusions and demonstrating transferable skills
To ensure that students are capable of meeting the demands of the Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme, students should meet the following recommendations (reports for the last studying year and the current one):
  • A minimum of a good grade for mathematics (8 out of 12).
  • A minimum of an excellent grade for English as a second language course (excellent for all students except for those who are studying at licensed International Programmes - a minimum of a good grade for the course “English language and literature”).
  • A minimum of a good grade for Ukrainian Language and Literature (for those students who intend to enter from the National curriculum.
  • A minimum of a good grade for science (for Chemistry, Biology, Physics)

Summative assessment

Mathematics (for students who finished Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme - grade based on the last mock exam session or Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint) - max 12
Science - max 12
English Language, Paper 1:. Reading and Use of English (60 minutes), Test level B2/C1) - max 12
English Language, Paper 2:. Essay 1 hour) - max 12
English Language, Oral Interview based on FORM 3 (15 min.) - max 12

Total 60


Only for students, entering the Programme after Gymnasium A+ Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme:

  • Excellent results (A or A*) of English as a second language Spring term Internal Mock exam (only for Language Paper 1 waiver)*
  • Excellent results (A or A*) of Mathematics (Extended) Spring term Internal Mock exam*
  • Excellent results of Cambridge Lower Secondary Exam Checkpoints in English as a second language (only for Language Paper 1 waiver)*
  • Excellent results of Cambridge Lower Secondary Exam Checkpoints in Mathematics (Extended) (for applying during the first or second admission wave)*
*Admissions Committee can use results of Spring term Internal Mock exams as Predicted grades but with compulsory reconciliation with the official external assessment after receiving results of Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoints and Rank moderation in case of deviation)

For all applicants, instead of English Language Paper 1:
for grade 9
  • Cambridge Assessment English B1 (PET), grade A or B
for grade 10
  • Cambridge Assessment English B2 (First for School), all grades
  • IELTS 5,5+

Recommended applicants will be asked to complete a Google Form to select courses for the upcoming year. Recommended applicants are to participate in a scheduled presentation with IB coordinator and University counsellor in early/late June to ensure proper course selection.